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 Sunshine in a bottle?

I would like to ask the opinion of y’all on a product made by T-rex. I have had a customer ask for it, but I have never heard of it, and with what it claims, I wouldn’t trust it yet. It is called solar drops, and is touted as liquid UVB. Had anyone tried it, and what is your opinion of it? I am posting this message on several forums for reptiles that require UVB light, I hope I am not stepping over any boundaries or restrictions. If I am, or if you would like to discuss this product privately, please feel free to PM me. Thanks for your opinion,

08/14/08  01:37pm


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 Sunshine in a bottle?

I have never heard of it, but it sounds dangerous to any reptile, any chemical that is in liquid form should never come in contact with a reptile, I would say no!!
A UVB light does the job just fine

09/01/08  11:31am


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  Message To: XxxShoc+Collarxxx   In reference to Message Id: 1848598

 Sunshine in a bottle?

there is absolutely no substitute for a good uvb source. this is not liquid uvb it is synthetic vitamin d3 which can be toxic to animals if overdosed. you would want to avoid this product. it is concentrated and dangerous to any animal. anything that sells the market as safe etc... just look at calci sand and crushed walnut shells as substrate...those should be illegal.... but hey it sells so he petstores recomend it. these substrates cause many many deaths. solar drops are another great marketing ploy. uvb is the answer

08/18/09  09:14pm

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