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 King snake respiratory infection

My desert king snake, makes a wheezing noise, clicking sound when he breaths. sometimes looks like hes yawning too, i think its most likely a respiratory infection how can i cure this?

03/27/08  02:16am


Cosmic Serpent
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  Message To: Caddie   In reference to Message Id: 1677477

 King snake respiratory infection

you can take it to a herp vet.

10/19/08  07:16pm


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  Message To: Cosmic Serpent   In reference to Message Id: 1883719

 King snake respiratory infection

If it is URI there are a few options. 1. Taking it to a vet is always the best option as there is almost no substitute. 2. You can increase the temperature and lower humidity. Getting the temp to about 100 degrees for a few weeks will kick start the immune system (best setup is UVA lighting during the day and red lights at night keeping that constant temp) while the low humidity will basically dry out the mucus. 3. you can also try the f10 disinfectant nebulization trick alot of breeders have been promoting. The last two are only for mostly early stages of URI, but taking to a vet is always the best option.

06/24/12  11:35am


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  Message To: TheAmazingDman   In reference to Message Id: 2271068

 King snake respiratory infection

if your child was gravly sick you would take him/her to the doctors or hospital correct? same applies to herps if the are sick they need professional help. It’s never a good idea to play doctor

07/05/12  11:36am

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