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 Colorado Reptile Lovers

Okay, soo today i found something that really upset me. My husband and i had gone to the Westminster Mall here just about 20-30 minutes outside of Denver. We decided to go look at what the pet store had, just to see, not to buy, and just to check up on things. Well, we went to where they kept reptiles. We found 1 skinny as hell Ball Python, and 2 really messed up red tail boas, one of them with mouth rot, he couldnít even close his mouth, all 3 of them had mites and REALLY bad shed. All 3 of them were in the same cage as well, no humidity, only a heat lamp. The poor baby ball python couldnít even hold himself up as he crawled about the cage. One of the red tails sat in the corner and didnít move (maybe dead possibly?) and the other one with mouth rot was crawling along the branch, REALLY skinny and bad shed as well. He could barely move. My sister and mom have complained to that mall about fixing their animals, they also have dogs in there with cherry eye and really bad diahrea(sp?) and only 3 cages out of the entire store have any sort of bedding down above the metal bars. Like mentioned, my sister and mom have complained to the mall about fixing it, but they will not do anything. Even today none of the people working would even come near us, otherwise we wouldíve had a mouthful to say. Could the people here in Colorado as well as in other areas (if you wish) help us with this problem? No one will fix it, unless we call animal control (or some place like it) so this pet store will go out of business and these animals will be healthier in another place that will actually care for them properly. I couldnít stand seeing these animals in the state they were. We have friends who own actually REPTILE stores that would kill to get these reptiles out of there. Even the bearded dragons are only fed lettuce, nothing else. Please help us....this canít go on much longer.

Sorry if this was long, but it needed to be said. Thanks for any comments that may help...

01/02/08  12:38am


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 Colorado Reptile Lovers

Hi I have just read your post and I cant believe a actual reptile shop would do that. I cant do anything about it because I live in united kingdom but could you please keep us informed about what is happening I have 2 boa snakes myself and I couldnt imagine how anyone could do what that shop is doin.

10/13/12  07:28pm

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