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 Bearded dragon has one eye closed

Iím worried about íAussieí, my sonís 1 year old bearded dragon.
He is our only reptile.
Heís started to keep one eye shut alot of the time, he does open it sometimes and it looks o.k. - there is no discharge and it is not bulging. Iíve bathed him and splashed his eye to try to wash it, but he continues to shut it.
I used some reptile eye ointment from a pet shop, but the situation hasnít changed.
The only recent change has been a new light/tube in his vivarium, " 5.0 UV RADIATION ONLY FOR REPTILES 18 watt" which I believe to be suitable???
He is a fussy eater and never seems to drink.
If at all possible I want to avoid taking him to the vet as the nearest one to us who knows about repitiles is about 30 miles away and I donít want to put Aussie through the stress of the journey.
Any help/information/advice would be very much appreciated.
Thank you,

05/03/07  05:08am


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  Message To: Thelma   In reference to Message Id: 1268275

 Bearded dragon has one eye closed

I really donít have cures but I do have a similar story of my own. Mine is a young one but like yours, one eye has been shut often. It may have been since I bought it but I didnít notice it for sure until several weeks later. The vet said it may have been a birth deformity b/c both eyes did look a little different from one another. The vet prescribed an ointment which worked well. There was a minor discharge that had been hardening and keeping the eye closed. Now I do not use the ointment and the eye has been better. It is beginning to look more like the other and the discharging has stopped. She still keeps it closed on occassion in spurts. To get the eye open though, dip a Q tip in warm water and gently rub the lid. That should work to get it open then maybe apply the ointment. Mine has never really eaten well either and for the past two weeks it will not hunt so I have had to give it food from a syringe. Mine is about 9 months younger than yours though. I assume she was not a healthy one from the beginning. For now, all you can do is try different things. Waxworms, mealworms, crickets w/ or w/out dust, different veggies. If your beardie still wonít eat and is looking skinny, a vet will just have to be done. In Buffalo there is a place called RARE where you can become a member for $50 and get help w/ babysitting for vacations, vet treatment and stuff like that. You can also call w/out being a member to get suggestions. Check if something like that exists in your area.

05/16/07  10:45pm


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  Message To: Bomboras   In reference to Message Id: 1283973

 Bearded dragon has one eye closed

maybe you could help me i have no clue what my dragon has but i know he is sick because one eye has stuff in it and the other has a glossy look and he barley eats and isnt that active i dont know what to do iam so lost i love my baby i dont want to loose him. so please if any of you know whats wrong and what i can do to fix him let me know?

07/06/12  01:07pm


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  Message To: Gina04   In reference to Message Id: 2272361

 Bearded dragon has one eye closed

change your UVB bulb straight away. many have been emmiting short wave B or some even uvc some are blinding and killing reptiles. switch it out for a Zoo Med REPTI SUN linear tube or Arcadia d3 12% tube. this is a huge red flag for lighting. Bd’s are very sensitive to UV light. its not really about how much UV but the ratio of UVB:UVI. It has to be natural. The sun emmits harmful rays but the atmosphere blocks all of the unatural UV from penetrating. Many bulbs nowadays are dangerous. I would see if the eye issue gets better but I would consult a vet asap as well.

07/07/12  11:29pm

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