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 Sick Snake, bad liver...too many white blood cells?!?!

Well I took my snake into the vet yesterday and had her checked. I thought that she may have a respiratory infection because she was breathing with her mouth open and I could see her breathe. But she hadnít done it in a few days. The vet gave her a physical and took blood samples. She was a bit dehydrated, the vet gave me some medications to inject her with every 3 days for the "possible" infection. Well it turns out that my baby is having a problem with her liver. There are too many white blood cells, but he canít tell exactly what the problem is. It could be cancer, just an infection etc. He wants to take a biopsy of the liver and give her new medication....which all comes out to be about $800.

I am heart broken, I cant afford this so the only thing I can do is get the medication and hope that she gets better. I think the price is ridiculous, shes so tiny...if I had the money to do something like this I would. But worst case scenario she passes away and I get a new snake. I donít want to sound so cruel, but I just canít afford it. Has anyone else heard/had this sort of problems in snakes before? Iíd go get a second opinion somewhere else but I havenít found any other places, besides that it is expensive to do the diagnostics.

03/22/07  05:24pm


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 Sick Snake, bad liver...too many white blood cells?!?!

some vets have a thing called care credit its a credit card which you make payments on.Ask about care credit and call around to anyother vets around you to see if they offer and except it,you can even do the application online,go to google and search care make payments on it like a credit card i used it for my cat when he was really sick...hope it helps some and im not too late on my reply

04/16/07  01:04pm


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 Sick Snake, bad liver...too many white blood cells?!?!

I am going through a crises with my common Boa as well. 15 year old male. He has had what we thought was an upper respiratory infection starting 2 months ago. After his doctor put him on 1 antibiotic we saw small improvements. Easier to breath, less sounds when breathing. But this was not the end. He did not get back to his old self and was put on an oral and one inject-able antibiotic. After a total of 62 day of meds we thought he seemed much better but not 100%.

I took him out of his cage 3 nights ago and he was not well. Pale in color, not moving. Not breathing well. Took him to exotic animal hospital where he has been for 2.5 days. They think he has Pneumonia. Ex ray shows fluid in lungs and a lot of mucus in throught They have him on 2 antibiotics now and are using a nubulizer to get some steam in his lungs to break everything up. His blood work shows iron poor blood and white blood cell count elevation.

The doctor is trying to help me find out how this is happening. Causing this in the first place. She mentioned the rats I am getting for him. She asked if they were sick when I fed him last. I told her that sometimes I have heard a rat sneeze but I did not think that was an issue. She said that is was and that I should get a rat cage an quarantine the rats for one week before feeding. Holy crap. Then she asked what do I use to clean his cage. I use a light reptile alcohol solution. Wipe it down and let it evaporate before he enter the cage again. Bleach in the water bowl, which it a food grade plastic 400 pan. Always well rinsed before put back. Now purchasing a stainless steel one to replace the plastic one even though it is food grade plastic.

He is in a 4 foot by 4 foot custom enclosure. I have 2 100 watt ceramic heaters and one 100 foot heat cable that I put under his news paper to keep the floor 74 degrees.
The specialist said that floor heating is not good due to the snakes inability to judge heat from the belly. Can cook his organs she said??

My question is: Where do you get your rats? Do you anyone quarantine the rats before feeding to determine their health? Do YOU feed your snake, stunned or frozen?
I have just started stunning the rats, but before he did get bit once. I now know that this must be done.

I take great care with my "ambassador of the reptiles", he means everything to me. I have had him for 11 years. Not going to give up. I don’t have much but I am will to do what it takes. I am at $1,000.00+ right now and do not know when he is getting out. Seems a little better today.

I wish you the best of luck. This is a tough decision...

12/03/09  07:58pm

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