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my anole has a thermal burn. what can i do to soothe it? Is a gatorade bath realistic? HELP!

11/29/06  12:55pm


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Neosporin? Or generic versions. Thereís all different sub-brands; some of them kill pain.
Is the anole still eating? If not, you might have to get creative with what liquids you sprinke. Thin chicken broth (too strong will just cause dehydration) might help keep him going until he takes bugs again. If he is eating, then give him Pedialyte. I donít know about the bath idea. Sounds like it would be pretty hard on him. But if the burns are so extensive that you think immersion is necessary, Iíd go with slightly warm Pedialyte rather than Gatorade. Gatorade has a lot of sugar in it; the residue might ferment or something.

12/02/06  05:08pm


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my anole has a weird circle bump above her eye i dont want her to die please help

07/11/11  04:38pm

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