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 Egg incubating?

I work in the grooming salon at pet smart. Last night a girl from pet care showed us an egg she found in the long tailed grasslizard, bahaman anole and green anole tank. I decided to take it home and try to incubate and hatch it, because otherwise it would just go out with the bedding.

It was white and slightly smaller than a ticktac, it turned slightly pink when I got it a bit damp. Its currently sitting on some peat moss in an old mini greenhouse thing I had for seedlings. Its sitting on the heatmatt in one of my lizard tanks.

I read that it takes around 6 weeks for any of those 3 species to incubate. I’m trying to keep it at around 70-80 degrees. And I’m keeping the soil damp. Any more advice? How do I tell if it dies? When can I candle it?


10/25/14  10:24pm

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