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Longjohn   Rexxaroo  

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 Lots of lizards!!!

I am about to get 10 lizards and put them in a five-foot-tall terrarium. I am getting 4 green anoles, 4 bahaman anoles, 3 long-tailed lizards, and 2 green tree frogs. Any tips on what stuff to put in it would bbe VERY helpful!

06/12/11  01:32pm


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 Lots of lizards!!!

Congrats on wanting to get some lizards but I am not trying to be rude i just want to help :)
Amphibians and reptiles are generally kept apart, its kind of a rule of thumb. Tree frogs can carry many different types of parasites and bacteria that is very harmful to the lizards.
Also, depending on your five foot terrarium, anoles need about 10 gallons of space per lizard. these lizards also are going to need to be mostly females, as a 1:2 male to female ratio to keep your lizards from tearing each other apart. Mixing species is not generally a good idea, as different species can carry different diseases that may be leathal to one but harmless to another. i have seen people keep bahamans and greens together as well as greens and ltgl and vice versa, but with that many different types and so many of them in one enclosure just sounds like a disaster. it will be very difficult to keep track of them all individually if one gets injured or ill. if you plan on taking each one out to feed it as well, then kudos for all the patience. Making sure each one is healthy, happy, and fed and watered correctly, is going to be one heck of a challenge. Maybe consider getting one or two larger lizards than a whole ton of smaller different species? I am not tearing you down, and don’t mean to come across as a troll, but i am just trying to save you the trouble of investing in something that may cause all the animals to be very uncomfortable and possibly perishing. Good luck


04/02/12  06:00pm

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