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 To all the anti-mixing species Trolls:

I am currently keeping a subadult coastal carpet python, an adult pine snake, two long tailed grass lizards, and a house gecko all in the same tank. they get along amazingly. the tank is 8"x4"x4", has 4 heat lamps, dozens of branches, shelves, hides, etc. the lizards are there mainly to eat the bugs that have been breeding in the warm conditions in the cage. they all seem to have found there niches and are doing great.

I wonder if anyone here has heard of a vivarium, maybe if they read Reptiles magazine once in a while...

PS, zoos keep pine snakes with rat snakes often enough, and i can see the carpet taking the ecological niche of a rat snake, being semiarboreal and only 5 ft. even though every animal in the cage comes from a different continent all there needs are met.

04/02/11  09:12pm

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