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 Concern about Substrate...

I just bought/setup a 20 gallon tank and, instead of the repti-bark I’ve been using, I put some T-Rex® Jungle Bed® Premium Blend Forest Substrate down on the bottom. I put a small layer of the repti-bark over it.

I saw the petstore I bought the lizards from using that substrate in their own Grass Lizard display.

That’s not my concern though... When I put my lizards in their new home, I noticed something tiny crawling around on the one lizard’s snout. He kind of licked it off, but that’s not the only one I’ve seen. I saw a couple more of the bugs crawling around on the glass next to the substrate (inside the cage). They’re fairly tiny, white bugs... I honestly don’t know what to do about it.

My questions: Did I get a contaminated batch of Jungle Bedding??? Should I change them out ASAP? Or would they be okay until the next cleaning of this tank?

12/29/10  01:59pm

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