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 Young wild one

Hi, My husband brought in a small, young long tail on Sunday. We have it in a small enclosure with 1/8" crickets, Phx worms and water. The tank has a small heat pad and we have a high watt bulb that we are leaving on for a few hours in the evening when we are home to make sure that our cats do not knock it over.
Would anyone be kind enough to guide me as to what to do with this little guy? Should we release it back outside right away. Or see if it acclimates to cage life and put it in the enclosure in which I have a female Rainbow Whiptail and a sub adult long tail (I think male, as its lower torso is green). These two are getting along together fine. The worry is the young wild lizard may tip the balance or be (this is from my husband) killed by one of the existing residents. I don’t think so as they aren’t mean acting lizards, but one never knows.
Does anyone have some ideas for me? I’d appreciate any and all help. Thank you.

10/05/10  11:19pm

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