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 Is my lizard okay??

Hey all,

Just added 2 LTGLs to my 55gal, which was already home to 1 ltgl and a house gecko. Lots of plants and hiding places, and the three LTs particularly like a big log which is mostly solid except it has cracks and fissures that they can hide in. For the first few days they all three slept in there together at night and came out during the day, but then one stopped coming out of the log at all. I shine a light on it every day to make sure it is still alive, and it seems alert and glassy-eyed. Meanwhile the other two are gorging themselves on crickets, basking in the lights and often sleeping on branches instead of in the log. Is the little thing sick or pregnant or something, or should I just leave it alone and quit stressing it out? As you can tell I’m totally confused about their genders. One is a female, she laid eggs and was bought pregnant. No one has a bulge on their tail, but two are greenish and bright and all three have spots and stripes on their sides and backs. Aren’t those male markings? Thanks for reading

11/01/09  07:43pm

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