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 Newbie- quick question

I set up a 29g tank with half terrarium setting and half water setting. I added 1 Long-tailed Lizard and 3 Firebelly Toads. I have since some to the understanding that they should not be housed together, after the pet store told me they would be fine (since they both come from Asia, have need of higher humidity levels, spend time in different parts of tank, etc.). As I have no money or space for another tank, I am wondering if it work to add a tank divider to separate the two sides. The lizard never goes to the side with the water and the toads so far have stayed in just the water side. I am thinking this would work, but I want to make sure.
Thank you for reading and any advice you can give.

08/06/09  08:21pm


Lizard 4
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 Newbie- quick question

get a tank divider its not good to mix frogs and toads with lizards.

10/26/10  09:41am

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