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 Two questions.

Hi I’m a long time reptile keeper(7 years or so) but I’ve never kept any tropical lizards before and I’m very interested in LTGL’s and was wondering about two things.

First I was wondering how big of a terrarium would I would need to house one(or mayhap two) because I’m moving both of the Leopard geckos into a bigger tank and I’ll have an extra ten gallon tank that I’m going to make into a tropical vivarium and if I could house one grass lizard in there i’d gladly get one. My second question is how often would I have to feed it because I can only get crickets every week or two and I don’t have the know how to breed crickets at the moment.

Thanks in advance

08/04/09  08:13pm


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 Two questions.

From what I have read you can have 1 Long-tailed lizard in a 10g tank. He should be fed every other day. Make sure you give him a basking area/light and UV light, too, as well as keeping the humidity level where it needs to be.
Hope this helps!

08/06/09  08:23pm

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