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 My "other" roomates =)

Hi!.. this is my first time ive posted on this forum.... thought i’d show them off.. =) and yes, this is one LTGL and one anole. thay love eachother =) i more often then not i will find them touching eachother... thay are a blast to watch.. last week i startled the GL and when he bolted across the tank the anole went flying with him.. the anole was fermly attached to the GL’s tail. it looked like he was trying to mate with know its not possable but why should i tell "him" and ruin his fun?)

i am unsure about the sex of eather one. any advice you can give about sexing or mateing habbits would help...

06/05/09  05:49pm


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  Message To: Vailedfan   In reference to Message Id: 2016928

 My "other" roomates =)

cute but idk if they get along then go for it

06/07/09  10:45am


Rattler 98
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  Message To: Rexxaroo   In reference to Message Id: 2017767

 My "other" roomates =)

the male anole will have 2 enlarged scales were his tail and body meat on his under side

07/06/09  12:23pm


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  Message To: Rattler 98   In reference to Message Id: 2034873

 My "other" roomates =)

I think your anole (the brown one?) is a female. I see no dewlap, and with my experiance in anoles, it looks like a she. They love jumping spiders, just so ya know if you want to give her a treat. ;)

04/12/10  07:54pm

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