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 Please help with questions!

I have a 12-year-old sister who is excellent at taking care of pets . Any pet she’s ever taken care of have had long, happy lives. She is a huge fan of reptiles and I want to get her something that is easy to take care of for starting with reptiles. Long-tailed lizards or green anoles seem like the right choice. I just have a few questions:

1: Will a full-screen enclosure be okay for them?

2: Can long-tailed lizards and anoles be housed together (or with house geckos)?

3: VERY IMPORTANT!!! I had a chameleon that died from this Do the females need specific environments to lay eggs (even if unfertilized) or will they just lay them when they to?

4: How much should an adult be fed a day and do they eat any vegetation?

5: What are their major health concerns?

6: Are they better in small or large groups? (The enclosure is about 45 gallons)

7: Is just a water bowl good or do they like a large amount of water (enough to sit in)?

8: I know they like branches and stuff to climb on, but the enclosure is as tall as it is long; should there be plenty of vines and things for them to climb up, or will they stay on the floor?

9: Is there an easy way to tell males from females?

10: What kind of light is recommended in regards to UV concerns? (I have 5.0 and 3.0 UVB fluorescent bulbs available in my house, but I can easily get different kinds)

Answers to any of these questions would be a huge help! I want to help my sister make the first step to reptile care with as much information as possible and help her keep her pets alive (she gets really mad at herself if a pet dies). Please and thank you!

03/06/09  08:54pm


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  Message To: Nirah   In reference to Message Id: 1964273

 Please help with questions!

I’ll try to answer as many of these as I can.

1. yes. it’s fine, be careful with the lights though. I have melted some of the wires on my 30 gallon but not enough to open the screen.

2.Yes they can with both.

3.I wouldn’t be able to tell you on the laying eggs part.

4.Long-tails do not eat veges from what I know and have seen. My two don’t. I feed each of my long-tails 1 (sm) cricket and 1 (sm) mealworm. Both with calcium on them.

5. I believe one health concern is like any other reptile of Calcuim defienciency. There may be others. Check on some websites dedicated to the grass lizard.

6. I would have atleast 2-3 maybe even 4 Long-tails in a 45 (g) if thats the only thing in that tank.

7.I actually, when I first got my 1st long-tail, I cut out a cup at the bottom to make a shallow drinking bowl. So no, small is fine.

8.Long-tails like to hide. So make sure the enclosure has plenty of folge, greens, grass, live or silk plants, and even a rock or two to hide under. My long-tails hide under the mulch that I have in their tanks.

9.I know males have pre-anal pores but I myself am trying to find out how to tell them apart on gender.

10.I think either of those would work for UVB lights.

01/21/10  04:59pm

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