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 Daughter’s lizard has swollen back leg &mites - HELP!

Hi. I am new to this forum & my daughter & I need some help for her long-tailed lizard. Just over the past 2-3 days her lizard’s back leg has become extremely swollen :( Her lizard is in a terrarium with one other long-tailed lizard. We went to the pet store and brought her lizard, Spanky, in to see what we could find out, as my daughter also noticed some tiny black things crawling on Spanky. The guy at the pet store said she has mites, and we bought all the stuff to help her get better....and he gave us instructions on what to do. I don’t think I’m worried about her lizards anymore.....but I’ve heard that mites are extremely contagious! What are the chances that my family could become infested with the mites? If so, what do I do next??! How do I get rid of them?

10/05/08  09:48pm

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