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I’m a new owner, just got my grass liz today, im new to caring for small lizards, and im wondering, how big shold a tank be for a grass and a green anoole?(min) im kind of short on money.

09/10/08  08:04pm


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 New owner

They each need 10 gallons each. A 20 gallon is sufficient for both. I’ve had my male and female green anole with a pair of grass lizards in a large mesh/tall cage and they’ve never had a fights or anything. Just make sure they both have plenty of places to hide and plenty of food.

For decor and substrate since money is an issue, choose organic potting soil...a decent sized bag runs about 7 bucks and will last for a while, especially with daily spot cleaning.

You can get cheap fake plants from arts and craft stores, just make sure you soak them in hot water. You can get moss from floral places for much cheaper than pet stores.

Good luck! I love watching mine run around.

09/14/08  11:31pm

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