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 New Tank!!!! New Pics!!!!

Here are some new pics of Sam’s tank and her!
Enjoy - Keph




Hope you like. Spent like 60 bucks on remodelling stuffs

07/19/08  01:25am


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  Message To: Froggfreak   In reference to Message Id: 1801502

 New Tank!!!! New Pics!!!!

the white speckels on her back are calcium powder from breakfast, shes a messy eater

07/19/08  01:38am


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  Message To: Froggfreak   In reference to Message Id: 1801516

 New Tank!!!! New Pics!!!!


09/05/08  05:15pm


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  Message To: Gecko_lover   In reference to Message Id: 1852209

 New Tank!!!! New Pics!!!!

I like that little chair thing.

09/14/08  11:32pm


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  Message To: Peas_on_earth   In reference to Message Id: 1859937

 New Tank!!!! New Pics!!!!

What Type of Plant/ tree thing is that. Its pretty cool. and r they expensive

09/28/08  08:52pm


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  Message To: BonstaMonsta   In reference to Message Id: 1870283

 New Tank!!!! New Pics!!!!

The setup looks real nice and the lizard looks to be in very good health. I really like these little Lacertids and have kept them on a couple occasions. They are very hardy and eat readily though I have not bred them yet. After seeing yours I think I will set up another trio after X-mas.
Have a Great Day!!!

12/18/08  04:27pm


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  Message To: Murdock   In reference to Message Id: 1916799

 New Tank!!!! New Pics!!!!

I dont have a grass lizard now but us to i have a plated lizard leopard gecko agama and a beardie but just wanted to say i have tht tree thing in my plateys tank but it is a lot bigger than urs

12/27/08  10:34am


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  Message To: Chris14   In reference to Message Id: 1921119

 New Tank!!!! New Pics!!!!

Wow, Ive never seen a grass lizard before. Im normally over on the bearded dragon forum.
That really is an incredible looking animal! its beautiful. Sooo gonna start researching them right now I WANT ONE!!!!!!!

01/12/09  03:32pm


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  Message To: Mojojojo   In reference to Message Id: 1931064

 New Tank!!!! New Pics!!!!

wow.... i dont have one either... but i was scrolling through the forums and saw grass lizard and wondered wat it was! oh my gosh, amazing a snake with legs lol.

07/26/09  01:24am

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