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 Conflicting info. -Handling???

Hi, I am researching getting a lizard. Iím interested in the Long Tail lizard, but Iíve read different things about handling it. Info. varies from "not handling it except when absolutely necessary due to their delicate nature" to they can become tame when handled frequently. Please help! Also, if you have a recommendation of a reptile that can fit in a 20 gal or less cage as an adult, is active during the day, tolerates being touched and ideally likes to climb limbs or on glass, please let me know. Thanks!

12/09/07  12:33pm


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  Message To: SASWHFL79   In reference to Message Id: 1540685

 Conflicting info. -Handling???

Hey, my friend has 4 grass lizards, and they get handled most days.
we pick them up by under their front legs gently, and then hold them in our hands softly.
They sit there for awhile and then we put them back.
But they are a lizard that dont get handled that much

12/09/07  04:00pm


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  Message To: Cpx_20o5   In reference to Message Id: 1540866

 Conflicting info. -Handling???

Grass lizards are tamed fairly easily but they are very delicate and shouldnt be handled by children

04/09/08  07:16am

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