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 I need femal green anoles!!

Does anyone know where to find female green anoles... I live in Florida and i have caught 3 green anoles so far but apparently their all males (they have red dewlaps)... why can i only find males? I need some females for the males what should I do?

06/18/07  10:02pm


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  Message To: Typark   In reference to Message Id: 1323968

 I need femal green anoles!!

do you have 3 males in the same cage?
if so i would not recomend that. let two go and get a female.
also anoles need ten gallons of space each. you need a large tank to have three males

08/10/07  11:39am


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  Message To: Repticrazy11   In reference to Message Id: 1397354

 I need femal green anoles!!

I reccomend a pet shop for a female

03/30/08  10:14pm


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  Message To: Nature7   In reference to Message Id: 1682952

 I need femal green anoles!!

just know that is completely illegal to release reptile pets into the wild and that it can have drastic effects on an ecosystem even if it is only several animals. And what would make you think to place 3 males in one cage. that is ignorance

04/03/08  04:12pm


Tarahtaxidermy@ ebay
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  Message To: Coolguy132435   In reference to Message Id: 1687994

 I need femal green anoles!!

ok numb nut if you knew anything about lizard you would know that green anoles live in florida and if you didnt know that well how could she catch the lizarad if it was not native there you got a brain use it
and as for the lizard i breed anoles and i always a few females i could send you one if you havent goten one already and if not you can get them at petsmart for 5 dollors

01/10/11  05:25pm

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