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 Unexpected surprise

So my grass lizard laid eggs yesterday. I found out the temps humidity and about how long it will take them to hatch if they are fertile. But I was wondering if anyone knew how to tell how if the eggs are fertile. I know itís a little different for different species. Thanks for any info anyone can give me on this unexpected situation.


06/03/07  04:06pm


Doya doya
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  Message To: Butterfly9   In reference to Message Id: 1304326

 Unexpected surprise

what should the temp and humidity be? also, how long does it take? sry, i donít know the answer to your question, but i need to find out how to take care of these eggs. thanks butterfly

06/11/07  07:06pm


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  Message To: Doya doya   In reference to Message Id: 1314576

 Unexpected surprise

I am also curious as to how you take care of the eggs. . I have a female long tailed lizard who I believe my mail has impregnated, and I am having a lot of trouble finding out information on what to expect.. how long of a pregnancy they have, how big the eggs are, what they look like, how to tell sheís having them. . .what to do next. if you know any of this information, I would really appreciate any help.



11/01/07  01:10am


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  Message To: PreciousLizards0921   In reference to Message Id: 1497368

 Unexpected surprise

Hello all i no is that you can move the eggs out of the vivarium but do not turn them upside dwn or the embrio may drown and putting them in a pot with holes in the top with moist towel or soil, the eggs are a bit bigger than tic tacs ( )
hope i helped a bit

03/30/08  10:01pm

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