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 Desert rat (myself) on Gilaís

Well as you know they are venomous, and you definitely donít want them to chew on you, because you can go into temporary paralysis from the venom. The jaws are very, very powerful, and i have known of instances in the white tanks and in Gila bend where people who were bitten had to smash the gila monster with a rock or pry its mouth open with a tire iron in order to get it to release. As well i have seen a rescue Gila at the Sanoran Desert Museum in Tucson by old tucson studios thatís mouth had been pried open by a breaker bar by a construction worker. It looked like it had put up a fight, the front of its face was partially missing, but it survived....

Oh and please donít buy a Gila monster, they are protected here in arizona, and are very special and important animals to our ecosystem, if you export them out of their natural habitat and they escape, or somehow bread in the wilds where you live, you are now a fellon, many, many, many times over :D, YAY illegal exotic animal trade..

05/16/06  02:38am

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