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 New to area w/ lots of gila momsters

We have just finished building a house and the area is infested by gila monsters. I run into them twice a day, from a 10" long to almost 20-24" beautiful red one. I am concern about my family getting bit. I like to know is this normal that are so many of them? what could provoke them to attack? Should we try to push them away farther away from our house or should we live with them? They are very cute and calm and I love to live with them if their behavior is not misleading. thanks

05/18/11  09:52am


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  Message To: Mz   In reference to Message Id: 2219754

 New to area w/ lots of gila momsters

That’s a chuckwalla.

05/18/11  11:57pm


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  Message To: Sulfurboy1o3   In reference to Message Id: 2219908

 Confirming What SulfurBoy Says...

Chuckwallas are protected here in Utah, and I suspect/hope that’s true in the rest of their range. They are harmless herbivores well-adpated to desert life.

06/01/11  12:31pm


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  Message To: Concolor1   In reference to Message Id: 2222088

 Confirming What SulfurBoy Says...

nope Chuckwallas are not protected here in az. If you want one just go out and catch one.....If you can! HAHA. However Gilas are a BIG no no to catch!

To answer the first post I would definitely just let them be happy around your new house, and be thank full you have the opportunity to have such GREAT neighbors.

06/08/11  10:25am

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