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 Usefull Infos For Beaded Lizards Diet

Hello everybody,
I would like to participate informing of my own diet line I follow on my Beaded Lizards.
Of course, the below infos can be used for Heloderma suspectum and horridum both.

1. According to recent investigations, all Heloderma species are characterized of low metabolism lines, so feeding them to frequently, can lead to corpulence and short life lifetime. So, we must keep them thin and we must monitor the weight of the pet once a month. For this purpose, we can use a simple cooking scale or
for better results an elecrtonic cooking scale with 1 gram accuracy. We must keep diary notes of weight, length and stools variations, so we are always informed if the animal loses or getss weight or stops or stools in different days space, and we do what must do.

2. Another one care issue is the feeding choise. The feeding choise (as reffered in "Biology of Gila monsters and Beaded lizards", Dr. Danniel Beck), is the variety of food preys a lizard can search and absorb in the wild. Even so a wild Heloderma feeds with iguanas reptiles birds and chelonian eggs, this does not mean that we have the choise to provide them the same feeding line on captivity. Unfortunately, we can’t find to provide the captive animal with iguana eggs, or other reptile and tortoise eggs. In addition many eggs may carry diseases as salmonella, and we always must cook then (if we can have them). Fortunately, feeding them with rodents of the specific size, seems to be success. But, is that so? Maybe, we provide a single face menu? Or maybe we know that providing only rodents and caned food is safe and tested, and is that so?

Allow me to disagree with caned food for cats and single faced menu with mouses and rats. This is not all we can provide, and focusing the caned food I never fed my pet helodermas with this industrial stuff. Instead, I provide a checked by me diet which I today feel the need to share it with you. And below wi will see together one example of a recent keeping lizard.


Specimen: Heloderma horridum exas (applegate)
Age: 1 year (hached 25 Jan 2010)
Length: 38 cm
Weight: 245 gr

Of course you can provide ostrich meat (super protein source) and cooked ostrich egg (mainly the white part and some of the yolk).

According this diet line, you always feed your pet with fresh and full protein meat, and grows strong and healthfull.

Good luck,,
K.K.I., Europe, Greece.

01/08/11  10:28am

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