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 Anoles and Fat tails?

I am well aware that there was a post like this in a different forum regarding anoles with other lizards and many of the responses were that anoles couldn’t go with leopard geckos because they were desert lizards. This is why I decided to post it in here because 1. the discussion was locked and 2. I am dealing with fat tails which have a high humidity. So here’s my question.

I have a 1 year-old female fat-tailed gecko named Luna, (hot caramel if anyone cares ;)) and I saw that anoles were insanely active. I was thinking it would be fun to get a female anole. However, I was wondering if I could keep it in with Luna since she is in a 25 gallon tank about 24Lx16Wx12H (can’t remember the exact measurements). I have another 10 gallon tank about 16Lx10Wx12H that I can keep the anole in if I do end up getting one but I was wondering if I could keep them together. Here’s what I keep my tank at:

Humidity: 50-70 (Luna likes hers a little higher than normal)
Day Temp (Temp in middle): 75-85
Night Temp (Temp in middle): 69-75ish (I don’t really check in the night so I’m guessing but she has a heating pad on one side that I can’t check and I was planning on getting a night lamp)

Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks!

04/14/15  08:18am


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  Message To: Wolflover426   In reference to Message Id: 2313181

 Anoles and Fat tails?

Night temps shouldnt drop below 70 but dont house together its a number of reason why we herp hobbyist dont house reptiles togetherunless breeeing and one reason is their not social animals

04/18/15  08:11pm

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