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 Popping cyst plan, good?

I know it’s a leopard gecko not a AFT but I need all I can get!

I am not in the position to be taking my leopard gecko Hershey to
the vet to get her abscess/cyst popped for 100s of dollars, and the
medication they give to knock the gecko out is life threatening, so I plan
on popping it myself... I’m a bit nervous to be doing this but I think I can
do it. And keeping her in one position is not going to be a walk in the park.

My plan is to get some Baytril, take out my saline solution, and sterilize a
needle. Then i’ll try my best to find the correct dosage of Baytril by weight.
After that i’m gonna just go for it and hope for the best... I’ll stick the needle
in the cyst/abscess, drain all the pu.s, and then fill the old hole with saline,
and keep rinsing the wound with saline daily to keep it sterile. She will be on
Baytril during the process and for some time after my treatment to prevent
the cyst/abscess from coming back.

Sound like a plan? Oh, and please don’t go off topic and start getting mad at
me for not taking Hershey to the vet, I simply cannot afford it!


02/04/12  02:01am


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  Message To: MissYouGeico   In reference to Message Id: 2253906

 Popping cyst plan, good?

i work at a vet office that does herps-

The best way to do it would be to use a sterile needle to open the abscess, gently squeeze the pus out (their pus is much thicker and harder than ours), then give him baytril twice daily, by mouth for at least two weeks.

Then, you need to figure out how he got an abscess. At some point, something punctured him and the bacteria festered. If it was from another gecko, separate them; a cage accessory, remove it, etc.

04/01/12  01:59pm

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