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Sovereigngale   Nick(uromastyxman)  

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 Ill Gecko - Don’t Know What’s Wrong

Neal’s been to the vet twice with another pending appointment, and I still don’t know what’s wrong with him.

At first I noticed he had some black ’stuff’ along his teeth and gums, and that’s when I took him in for his first recent vet visit. She looked him over, rubbed a little at the ’stuff’ with a q-tip, and managed to get some off and test it. I forget the word she used, but the results didn’t show that it was bacteria, or mold, or something of that nature, but debris from his food. I was given the lizard version of Listerine to drop along his gums to see if the debris cleared over a few days. It worked.

However a week later Neal’s behavior changed. Before he was incredibly laid-back and tame; just chilling wherever he was. Instead he was frantic, moving quickly, and one time he even almost leaped out of my hand. He’s cautious about heights and he’s never done that before. He also began exhaling sharply from his nostrils, making a squeaking sound, and drinking much more than I’ve seen him before. I also noticed two areas of his lips were swollen or puffy, seemed to bulge out more than normal. Took him to the vet again Monday. The vet gave him a thorough look-over, feeling his body, listening to his heart and lungs, peeking in his mouth, his eyes. She even took him in back and coaxed him to defecate so they could test his stool. The results showed parasites normally found in all reptiles (vet informed me she’s never seen an animal without these parasites). She gave him a de-wormer, and instructed me to clean his terrarium (I have) and take him back to the vet in 10 days for another de-wormer dose and check-up.

Now, today he’s been making the squeaking noises, and one of the swollen areas mentioned above seemed a little bigger than I’d noticed before, so I took a little look under his lip. That’s when I noticed he has teeth missing. Earlier today was the first I’d noticed this, and I can’t think of a situation that would cause those teeth to come out like that.

The purpose of this post is to hopefully find out if this situation is familiar to anyone, to perhaps get a better idea of what’s wrong with my gecko. His vet hasn’t seen anything in two visits, and I’m starting to become very worried.

01/13/12  06:59pm


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 Ill Gecko - Don’t Know What’s Wrong


05/23/12  10:17pm

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