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Roni   HerrL1116  

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 Sick AFT

I acquired an AFT today from a local pet shop...I work at an animal hospital- we were asked by the pet shop to try to nurse it back to seemed to be doing ok ...eyes open, eating a supplement called carnivore care. We gave him/her fluids, a dewormer and a vitamin injection. I’ve seen only one bowel movement. Hes been sleeping all day and night, The pet shop employee said he/she hasn’t eaten since they got him about a week ago. The eyes wont open and he seems to not be able to open his mouth. I am keeping him warm and trying to syringe feed him but im afraid he may not make it...any ideas? I am going to talk to the vet tomorrow

10/28/11  10:30pm


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 Sick AFT

try getting him on a heat mat so he can digest properly you can get them at any pet shop

11/25/11  09:59pm

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