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Well I’m planning ahead of time well I will get another fat tail soon since the season in ending and I wanted to know if I can make his main food source meal worms because in my opinion their easier to breed than crickets because their quieter and ill also feed him mice once a month

10/22/11  01:44pm


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  Message To: HerrL1116   In reference to Message Id: 2241530


Yes, you could. However, not all fat tail geckos will eat mealworms. Some will strictly only eat crickets or other food that is constantly moving and provides more of a hunt. You need to find out weather the gecko you want to buy is being fed mealworms or not.

I would just tell you to prepare to buy both mealworms and crickets. Even if the gecko will eat mealworms. It’s always better to give a variety in diet.

As for the pinky mouse, Make sure your gecko is an adult. As any gecko under 1 years old might have a hard time swallowing and digesting the pinky.

12/03/11  12:37am

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