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 Pics of Georga

Sorry the pics are a little blurry, she won’t keep still and I have a crappy camera.

I have another AFT, his name is Stimpy, because his leg was a mess when I brought him home.And he had lost his tail.Someone had brought him into the pet store because they no longer wanted him. He was extremely skinny and refused to when I brought him home. After many long nights watching him, and reading, a few trips to the vet, and a lot of love and patience, He started eating being hand fed, then slowly I got him used to catching a few on his own in a separate tub, and now finally he is hunting on his own. The people at the pet store thought he wasn’t breed by rather caught because he always hissed and tried to bite. When we take him out again I will try to get a few pics. He is still very skittish. The lump on his leg was/is a cyst, the vet offered to first amputate his leg, but he uses it fine, and second she offered to remove the cyst but there is a high chance that he wouldn’t use his leg again. So since it doesn’t seem to bother him, we’ve left it and it is slowly shrinking.

Sorry for the long post. Hope someone enjoys our girl Georga :)

09/23/10  11:25pm


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 Pics of Georga

Beautiful gecko you got there :) Sorry to hear about your other gecko, but glad to hear he’s slowly recovering. i Hope everything works out with the cyst ^^ good luck

10/23/10  06:04pm

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