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Sunkist girl
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 Liz,AFrican Fat Tailed Gecko.. We Need HELP!

I just got a new 5 year old fat tailed gecko at the beginning of this summer. She if 5 years old and i =m concerned for her condition. It started out at just a bump under her right eye and soon after that she was unable to open her eye, i waited to see if it would get better but it got worse. After a long time i examined her again and notices a buildup at the corner of her mouth, it seems to continue into her mouth keeping her mouth from closing.... about 2 weeks ago i noticed that the left eye closed and she Will rarely open it.. when she does it lookes like is is filled with something i can wipe some out with a soft cloth, just recently i noticed she is skinny and her tail is shrunk, and now one of the eyes looks like its injured, it looks like a scab.. it has a red color 2 it... what do i do? I’m worried she went downhill very fast it looked like she might have turned around for a little while but she is in bad condition now.. I’m not sure what vet to go to its way out of my control now... with my local small dog/cat vet help me out?Im an owner of 12 other animals of all kinds and have never had anything in this bad of condition... i feel horrible... =(
Crickets with powder
calcium water
Zoo meds gecko foof
10 gallon tank
dessert kit accessories
night light
heat pat under tank
calcium sand
temp 80 degrees

09/12/10  12:35am


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  Message To: Sunkist girl   In reference to Message Id: 2175065

 Liz,AFrican Fat Tailed Gecko.. We Need HELP!

At this point a vet really is your best option. I would call your local vets and see if they do handle reptiles. Not all vets do so it might take some looking unfortunately.

05/15/11  08:12am


Lady Mudpuppy
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  Message To: MercuryFT   In reference to Message Id: 2219156

 Liz,AFrican Fat Tailed Gecko.. We Need HELP!

Unfortunately, at this point, yes you will have to take her to the vet. I agree with MercuryFT that some do not handle them so you will have to call ahead. I hope that she feels better, as I have a 4 year old female AFT as well. Good luck!!:)

12/11/11  10:28am

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