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 New to AFTs .. A few questions ..

Hey people.... And Geckos ... just a few questions .. I recently purchased a AFT from a Friend... its 1 1/2 years old ... I did research on these guys abit before I got him/Her. Which brings me to my first question
How do you tell male / Female apart??
I’m also using exo terra cocofiber.. and a little moss(only in the corners)
What else can i use instead of this ? ( wanna keep the humidity up)
also I’ve been feeding this guy/girl 12-16 large crickets every second day with cal powder.
Is this Fine??
This little one didn’t seem to be well Looked after ... was kinda slim ( the tail was ) since its getting a bit better... Also i think my aft ( Truffles cause my three year old daughter said it looked like chocolate)
was a little stressed in the 40 gallon Squat tank it came in .. so I replaced with a 15 gallon .. Which seems much better..
But i’m sorry I don’t have any pics yet ... I haven’t had much time .. But i will add soon ...
Thanks people ... have a great day ..

06/02/09  09:19pm


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  Message To: Sammy_Spider   In reference to Message Id: 2015464

 New to AFTs .. A few questions ..

google it, and you should find pictures.
but, for males there will be two bumps directly underneath and above the tail on his belly. there will also be a V-shape line of pores.
females; nothing.

use more moss, mist the tank more, or get a humidifier. or leaving ice cubes on top of a screen lid works well too, i’ve heard.
but that’s the best substrate out there for afts; i wouldn’t switch him.

yes! it’s fine, i always dust mine so they’re easier to see for him. just make sure your powder has D3 in it, and if not then switch to a calcium plus D3 dust.

whatever she seems happy in, go for it. mine’s in a 20L and loves it a lot more than he did his 10gal, but to each his own.

and truffles is a very cute name! i work at a vet office, and i’ve never heard that. that’s when you know you’re unique :)

06/04/09  10:15pm


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  Message To: AllHailRain   In reference to Message Id: 2016572

 New to AFTs .. A few questions ..

Thanks so much for the info , its greatly appreciated.
Yeah with the powder .. the stuff that came with him didn’t have D3. So i purchased this ..
I did add more moss like you said to ... and the Ice cubes works great .. thanks
LOL the name is kinda funny though ...
but once again thanks ..

Oh p.s ... Do you know any info on Tokays ... If so can you please read my post
Thanks again

06/23/09  04:02pm


Lady Mudpuppy
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  Message To: Sammy_Spider   In reference to Message Id: 2027628

 New to AFTs .. A few questions ..

You are doing fine! I feed mine every 2 weeks. She gets 12 large crickets and I have had her for 4 years. I found that EcoEarth is a good brand of ’dirt’ to use. I only know 2 things about Tokays:They are aggressive and they make a sound like Tokay, which is how they got the name. Good luck!

12/11/11  10:38am

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