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 Water Bottle

I was just wondering if my fat tails would drink from a water bottle like hamsters do, they have some that don’t have the little tinker ball in them. I hate giving them water in bowls, because crickets are always committing suicide in them, and I feel like they are not getting enough water when I mist their tank. I figure that the water bottles would keep things a little more sanitary, but I’m just not sure if they would know to always go to the bottle. Please let me know if anyone has tried it. I may just have to expeirment. Thanks...

05/27/09  08:45pm


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 Water Bottle

Hi jhudson2002.

First off, crickets shouldn’t be left instead your gecko’s habitat long enough to be able to commit suicide.

I’m not sure if geckos would learn to drink from a bottle, however they do drink from the drops of water from misting as well as from a water dish. They should have a water dish, mine also like the walk in theirs, which is why they get fresh water twice a day.

Good luck :)

05/27/09  09:03pm

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