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 I suppose even dirt expires.

I just cleaned out Ember’s tank ecoearth, moss stuff, new water dish etc.
anyway, just got home from work and his dirt has a thin film of white, spiderwebby mold.

i bought the eco earth in a cheap/mega bulk size about a year ago, so i guess either that or the forest moss stuff expired. it’s all mixed together so i can’t tell.
anyway, yuck.

the real point of this is..ridiculously old substrate, even if kept airtight etc, molds and is gross.
the end!

04/23/09  12:50am


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  Message To: AllHailRain   In reference to Message Id: 1991368

 I suppose even dirt expires.

LOL sticking it in the oven or microwave before putting it in a tank kills off anything that may grow once water and heat is added to moss and dirt :)

04/23/09  05:02am


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  Message To: Starshine   In reference to Message Id: 1991406

 I suppose even dirt expires.

yeah, i never really thought about that. i mean, it was in the packaging still so i didn’t worry about it.
i changed it out this morning..but i’ll try a test sample of the next brick in the old package, because it could have been just the moss. that seems more likely to expire.
but i’ll start cooking it now just for good measure anyway. it’ll probably break up faster if it’s hot too.

04/23/09  10:29pm


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  Message To: AllHailRain   In reference to Message Id: 1992132

 I suppose even dirt expires.

the packaging on my ecoearth had little holes in the side so did my moss stuff but im gonna use that for orchids

05/02/09  08:56am


Herp Helper
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  Message To: Leah_Lizard   In reference to Message Id: 1996818

 I suppose even dirt expires.

Yeah, the brick expands faster when the water is warm or hot.

05/04/09  03:06pm

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