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 Sick Gecko

I have a fat tailed gecko that I got about 2 weeks ago. Just last night I noticed that her tail became very skinny and erect. I tried feeding her and she wouldn’t eat. She just walked around with her eyes closed. Today she has become very weak not being able to walk well. She opens her mouth very wide like she’s dry heaving and she makes a weezing noise. She’s had one case of diharrea that I know of but that’s the most she has done in 2 days. We have speperated her from the other one we have and have monitored the temp. and humidity. Can anyone help us please!!!!

04/18/09  10:00pm


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 Sick Gecko

upper respiratory infection- the closed eyes- indicative of sinus problems, open mouth- because she’s too stuffed up to breath through her nares (nostrils). and no sick gecko eats, which explains her weight loss.

put her in an extra humid environment, and take her to a vet. she needs antibiotics, stat.
they will probably give injectable Baytril, that’s the best stuff for sick reptiles.
if you’ve had her in with your other one for a while, monitor the ’healthy’ one for a while, because he’s been exposed. i’m sure she was sick when you got her and just now started showing symptons.
and while you’re at the vet, suggest a fecal as well. parasites come with geckos from even good environments, since they get them from crickets. so might as well check that too, since she’s a new addition.

so, a vet visit is in need. and watch your other baby closely as well.

04/21/09  02:11pm

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