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 I’m asking you...

How often is your AFT out and about? I’ve had my AFT for a couple years and I don’t see her out often at all. I know they’re nocturnal....I talking about at night. Also, how long do they usually live? Only because I’ve heard so many different answers.

04/07/09  08:03pm


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  Message To: ForestofWolf   In reference to Message Id: 1981969

 I’m asking you...

mine usually comes out for the night time and plops down in the middle of the tank until i feed him, but that’s only in the summer. in the winter, i really never see him out and about.
but he was also out a lot more when he was under a year old, now he’s more into the routine of things and enjoys sleeping hidden pretty much all of the time.

and i’ve read in between 15-25 years depending on the overall health, stress levels, etc of the gecko. it’s a huge gap, but some animals just have a large range of healthy life spans. Some domestic house cats also die healthy at age 13, while some die healthy at 23. i think it’s mostly based on the animal themselves. some are destined to stick around longer than others.

04/07/09  10:46pm


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  Message To: AllHailRain   In reference to Message Id: 1982117

 I’m asking you...

One of my girls is out every morning, for her fresh water, she won’t drink warm water that sat all day, so she’ll drink in the morning, and play in it at night. I’m up very early in the morning, between 5-6 am, and that’s normally when I see mine. Also about an hour after lights out they are out and about for a short time. They do love to hide.

As for life times, I’ve heard/ read the same, between 10-25 years.

04/08/09  05:59am


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  Message To: Starshine   In reference to Message Id: 1982203

 I’m asking you...

my gecko only comes out after i feed him to poop and dirnk then he hides again

04/10/09  04:05pm


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  Message To: Leah_Lizard   In reference to Message Id: 1983606

 I’m asking you...

I coo at Neal sometimes to try to get him to come out. He gives me the evil eye. Other than that, I don’t see him.

04/13/09  11:16pm

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