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thanks for the help for the people who answered my questions...but i have one more... would i be able to see the skin or would he eat it all...he looks like he still has excess skin on him n it looks like he didnt even shed yet...the first day he looked like a pail gecko and now he looks normal but when i hold hm i can still see the skin above his new so confused... can someone please go threw the whole process with me becasue im still a nebee with this kinda stuff....

03/24/09  07:33am


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They normally eat all their skin. And sometimes it can take more then a day for them to shed from the time they start turning grayish til they have all the skin off of them. The best shed’s depend on the humidity they have.

You don’t need to worry they shed naturally, keep the humidity up and he’ll do just fine. If after a few days since a shed, you see dried scales on him, use a damp warm Q-tip to gently rub them off, never pull at the skin as it can rip the new skin underneath and cause infections. If it’s left over skin on his feet, let him walk in a swallow dish of warm ( never hot) water to soak it off.

Hope this helps, Good luck :)

03/26/09  11:42am


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and if you see those scales left over on him, keep the humidity higher next shed. eventually you’ll get it right, and he’ll shed in one piece. the scales are left behind because the skin was too dry and it broke instead of all coming off.
it takes a while to get it all figured out though. :)

also, the skin is full of nutrients so he’ll probably be less hungry around the shedding time, or before or after.
so don’t freak if he doesn’t eat, he’ll get back to normal in a few days or so.

03/26/09  01:00pm

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