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 Not Eating, Hissing and Yellow eyes??


I really need some help.

My AFT isn’t eating anything, I’ve tried hand feeding him but he just spits out whatever I pop in his mouth. I’m feeding him crushed bug paste at the moment, but if anyone has any ideas how I can get him to eat I would love to hear them!!

He’s also become very agressive lately. I moved him about a week ago and since then he spooks really easily and hisses at me, even if I’m just talking to him and not touching him or in his viv. Also, when he hisses he gets a yellow ring inside his eye.

Please help. =o(


02/16/09  07:27am


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 Not Eating, Hissing and Yellow eyes??

Hello Matches,
You say you moved him, do you mean tank and all into another room, or to another house? Hopefully in either case it was a safe move and nothing fell on the little guy to scare him.

If you just moved him, he may need some time to adjust to his new view. Some are a little more touchy about that then others are, and will get a little stressed and not eat for awhile.
Wait a few days, make sure your temps are right and try again.

I’ve never heard of yellow eyes..... A vet check may be a good idea. In the mean time, let him have some quiet time to adjust, if he is stressed trying to force feed him isn’t going to help any at all. As long as he isn’t loosing weight really fast he can handle four to six days without eating, my Stimpy used to wait that long before she’d eat .

Good luck to you, Hope he starts eating again really soon

02/16/09  01:18pm

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