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 Just wondering

If African fat tails are so similar to leopard geckos then why aren’t they as popular? I have only had leopard geckos seems as I saw my first African fat tail here on this forum. Do they have harder requirements?

02/03/09  07:36pm


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  Message To: Cresteddude   In reference to Message Id: 1946181

 Just wondering

i think the leos are more visually appealing to the general population because they have brighter colours so more people want them.
and i’ve heard they’re a bit friendlier and more active, but i like my lazy boy.
there’s no massive behavioral, price, or care intensity gap.


02/04/09  12:40am


Herp Helper
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  Message To: AllHailRain   In reference to Message Id: 1946387

 Just wondering

Actually I think since AFTs are more expensive than Leos that Leos are just more popular cuz they are not as expensive.

My gecko is really mellow and doesn’t move around as much as my more active leo.

IDK the actual reason but my guess is what I said before and because not as many people breed AFTs.

Just my thoughts.


02/04/09  03:20pm


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  Message To: Herp Helper   In reference to Message Id: 1946705

 Just wondering

I really think that sense leopard gecko popularity exploded people have turned their attention away from afts, and they are sold as an exotic species so they are more expenisve.

02/04/09  07:55pm

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