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 Vet frustrations

Stimpy finally shed, so I was all excited, called the vet to make an appointment to get her foot looked at..... the vet is on vacation til after the new year, left the name of another vet that does reptiles.... so ok, I call the other one, set up and appointment and took her in yesterday.

Boys oh boys was that a wasted trip. First I brought in fresh poop samples to have checked, the vet looked at it and asked me what I wanted done with that, said "If that’s poo, you can just flush it in the toilet".... Second he thought Stimpy was a LEOPARD Gecko, and tried telling me everything I was doing for her was all wrong, and that neither gecko can eat crickets.......After a few more stupid comments made by this man, I told him simply there was no way in hades that he was gonna touch my baby, I would either wait til the other vet came back, or take her the tree hour drive to Halifax to be checked!

On the way out the door they tried to pass me a bill...... can you believe that?? a BILL.... for what??? "for services rendered" I smiled politely, and said" No services where rendered, and I’m not paying" I ripped the bill in two and walked out the door.

Sigh..... ok still frustrated , but I feel a little better now lol

On the plus side, Stimpy is doing really well even with her foot, she’s starting to climb things again, which she couldn’t do when I brought her home. I still have to hand feed her, but now she sits there and eats instead of fighting with me about it, she will take her vitamins as long as they are mixed with water and she can lick them from my fingers, and she’s gaining weight, not sure how much yet, I need to unpack my scale.......

12/12/08  09:15am


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  Message To: Starshine   In reference to Message Id: 1913316

 Vet frustrations

Hahaha, wow, what an imbecile. Don’t you hate when people don’t know what they’re talking about, especially when it’s their job to know? O_o
The fact that he couldn’t even tell them apart really says something.
And neither are supposed to eat crickets?! WHAT? Hahaha.
Well, I hope Stimpy gets better. Best of luck!

12/12/08  12:48pm


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  Message To: Starshine   In reference to Message Id: 1913316

 Vet frustrations

a lot of vets call themselves herp vets because they know the bare minimums to reptile care.
but..that’s not cool at all.
ANY vet, not even a specialist, can look for parasites in any animal. it’s not as accurate with birds or herps, but it can show about 50% of what a lab could so it’s not a waste of time.

sorry about your bad experience though..
i would just wait it out until the other vet comes back.
she seems to have her head on a little better. :)

12/12/08  01:23pm


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  Message To: AllHailRain   In reference to Message Id: 1913415

 Vet frustrations

I’ve made a lot of calls, I’ll be bringing Stimpy to a reptile vet in Halifax on my way home for the holidays.... Poor little girls have a six hour car drive ahead of them soon..... Keeping my fingers crossed that they take it as good as they took the move into our new place. They will be in a small tote, with a divider sitting on top of a heating pad for the drive, for 6 hours they won’t have a hot/cool side, but they will be warm ( approx 82-86f) and they will have their tanks set up at my mom’s.

Funny how I can trust others to check on and feed my cats , the dog is also coming with us, but I just don’t trust anyone else to look after my baby girls right.

Wish us lots of luck lol

12/14/08  05:56am

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