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 She’s not eating...

I tried to feed her 4 crickets after 4+ days without feeding her and she didn’t touch any of them.
Could she be in gecko-hibernation?
Brumation, I think it’s called.
What should I do?

12/07/08  04:40pm


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  Message To: P1g   In reference to Message Id: 1910681

 She’s not eating...

Check the temperature of her terrarium to make sure it’s not low.

Did you try feeding her at different times of the day? Sometimes Neal doesn’t eat at one particular time, but if I go back and feed him later he’ll eat a few. Or you could try feeding her one or two crickets a day.

From what I’ve read before, I think brumation’s caused by low temperatures (around room temperature, I suppose) and minimal access to food, so if you provide normal heat and steady food she’ll come out of it.

I’d wait to read others’ responses, though.

12/07/08  05:59pm


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  Message To: Sovereigngale   In reference to Message Id: 1910754

 She’s not eating...

different times could be a reason, they usually like to eat at the same time every day though.

brumation is healthy, and it should come with their biological clock..some people try to keep temps higher to avoid it, but why? it’s not a bad thing, it’s natural AND saves money spent on crickets. lol!
brumation= much less extreme than hibernation, but same concept.

if she doesn’t eat within a week, i would say to have a fecal done to check for parasites because that can cause an appetite loss as well. parasites can come from just eating her regular crickets, it doesn’t indicate bad care btw. :)

if not though, just try 2-3 crickets every night. eventually you’ll notice a pattern, like she only eats 3 crickets every four days and then you can just stick to feeding her that until spring time gets closer. :)

12/07/08  10:47pm

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