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can AFT eat meal worms and superworms? i have a crested gecko and i give him worms. i dont want to deal with crickets. also which is more handleable leopard gecko or AFT.

11/23/08  08:14am


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  Message To: Klink67   In reference to Message Id: 1903492


Hello Klink67,
They can eat meal worms, super worms however are a little too hard for them to digest since their shell is harder, so it’s not recommended to give them more then one or two every now and then.
I didn’t want to deal with crickets either, but my girls won’t eat meal worms at all no matter what I do to them.

Good luck :)

11/23/08  09:24am


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  Message To: Starshine   In reference to Message Id: 1903513


Mealworms, roaches, silkworms, pheonix worms are all great feeder insects :)

AFTs are generally very handleable, provided you get a nice young captive bred individual. Their temperments are very similar to Leos.

11/24/08  01:41pm


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  Message To: MimC   In reference to Message Id: 1904210


The leopard gecko are definetley more enteraining to wathc, but the afts are very melow and arch their backs when you scratch them. My gecko acts like a kitty.

11/25/08  09:34pm

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