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 Lizard communication

thiis what edel and i mean by our animals telling us what they need if we listen closely:

i moved jasper (day gecko) from the kitchen counter to the dresser on the other side in the living room.

yesterday i noticed her tucked in behind her water dish asleep. she has never hidden before; she’s always just stuck to the side of the cage. i also noticed her color was a little dark. i guessed she needed a place to hide, and i put this neat cardboard "tunnel" i’ve been saving for something in there. jasper was inside it almost immediately.

then i realized the true problem: her tank is right beside aleister’s (beardie), and i’m sure that to aleister, a lizard that tiny looks like a treat. i slid a piece of cardboard between the two tanks, blocking their view of each other. aleister is no longer staring, mesmerized, and jasper is bright green again. she still likes her new hide, but she comes out and sticks to the wall again, too.

lizard body language can be tricky to read, but they do talk!

i am also delighted to report that she is still allowing me to pet her every day, and likes having the top of her head rubbed. who knows? in a couple more years, i might be able to get her onto my hand!

02/26/14  12:01pm


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 Lizard communication

Cool that you quickly found the problem and addressed it.

All of my lizards have individual personalities that I’ve come to appreciate over time. One of my leos, CoDom, comes out of her hides all chest-poofy at the tank wall at anyone who enters the room, especially the cats. She’s all, "What? I can take you." And she’s a nippy little lizard in general. She’s also naturally smaller than the others, even though she eats more and has her own tank to herself.

Then my golden gecko. Oh Sade... He’s stubborn, moody, and you can tell his general sense of being by his skin color. Normally he’s all brightcolored and cool, but if I give him food he doesn’t want, or has the wrong brand of calcium dust on it, and he’ll knock the food bowl over, or, if he can’t, goes over and knocks the water cup over. Then he goes all dark and broody and lurks around until he gets over it. When he catches a cricket, he’ll similarly go dark right afterwards and hide behind a leaf to eat it. Came to terms that there’s nothing wrong with him in these moments.

Now back when I got Sade years ago and he never left the ground of the tank, refused to eat entirely, and became lethargic, that was a major sign he was sick. Took him to the vet and found he was riddled with parasites due to where the petstore imported him from for cheap. Lesson learned.

03/03/14  07:29pm

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