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 Can I keep a Western Banded Gecko in the same terrarium as a Horned Lizard?

I found a juvenile horned lizard last weekend and started a vivarium. Tonight, in our house, I found a juvenile Western Banded Gecko. Can the Gecko and Horned Lizard live together in the same vivarium or is that a bad match?

My lizard background:
I am new to keeping lizards, and started a vivarium a few days ago for my young daughter and me to enjoy together. I have been reading voraciously to be a responsible caretaker, including finding this wonderful site.
I found a juvenile horned lizard over this past weekend while camping. I spoke with a few people I know who keep lizards and with the local pet store clerks and got input. I bought the tank, put down some big rocks, then pebbles, then a 1.5" layer of sand, and covered that with a 1" layer of soil taken from the spot where I found the lizard, along with several young ferns for habitat, and a few rocks. I intend to build an outdoor mesh habitat this coming weekend, per the advice of this website, since I am in Phoenix and the temperature is perfect for the horned lizard... I’m thinking that if the horned lizard is kept outdoors, maybe the gecko could still be kept indoors...

any thoughts or advice are welcome! thank you in advance!

09/06/13  02:26am


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  Message To: Jake01   In reference to Message Id: 2300914

 Can I keep a Western Banded Gecko in the same terrarium as a Horned Lizard?

If the gecko is wild caught then no because the gecko may have infections that can hurt your other lizard

09/06/13  07:21pm


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  Message To: Jake01   In reference to Message Id: 2300914

 Can I keep a Western Banded Gecko in the same terrarium as a Horned Lizard?

You should never mix species, period. Different lizards have different temperments and tank set ups. What you may think is fine for one lizard could be deadly for another, such as the wrong heat, humidity, or tank size.

In the wild, the different lizards may never meet and if they did they could escape one another. Not so in a tank. They would stress out from being unable to get away from the other and may even compete for territory, resulting in a fight. Also, as most things go, bigger lizards like killing and/or eating smaller ones. Survival of the fittest!

Last but not least, parasites. Stressed out lizards tend to get worst off on parasite loads. You stick two lizards with two different sets of intestinal worms in one tank and the worms can really screw over the reptiles.

On the side, lizards are pretty fragile creatures. Before owning one you should do tons of research on proper tank size, what diet they generally have, and get a proper thermogradiant to the tank (hot side and cool side) long before submitting the lizard to the conditions. Wild lizards, opposed to pet store ones, can stress something fierce when you rip them from their area and drop them in a tiny, inescapable cage - even to the point of refusing to eat and/or dieing. Would be like if some stranger kidnapped you and kept you in a closet for the rest of your life, then fed you nothing but canned spam and water. That’s why it’s always preferable to research, set up a tank, then buy a chosen reptile from a pet store. Less chance of a sick lizard, lizard lives a longer life, and you are fully prepared to keep that lizard from being sick or dieing early.

09/08/13  11:43pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2300990

 Can I keep a Western Banded Gecko in the same terrarium as a Horned Lizard?

Based on my limited experience with lizards - been keeping a Western Banded Gecko since january (and he’s gotten fat, lazy and content, somewhat handlable). I found a second Westie in my garage a few weeks back. A very young female. Put her in the tank with Gobo... and neither one liked the other. Two stressed little geckos. That living situation only lasted 3 days, found a home for her with a friend who’s a reptile enthusiast.

My point, if I have one, is that Western Banded Geckos seem to be solitary lizards. (at least, mine is).

11/15/13  08:53am

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