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Lucky girl   KrazyKelli  

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Lucky girl
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 Question about geckos

I know someone that is trying to sell there gecko and I need to know do they have to have pinkys and what other information do I need to know before I decide if I want it

08/03/13  09:51am


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  Message To: Lucky girl   In reference to Message Id: 2300182

 Question about geckos

There are hundreds of species of gecko out there, all with different care requirements and diets. It would be easier to answer your question if we knew exactly what kind of gecko your friend was trying to dump on you.

Pinkies are high in fat and can be disastrous to the health of the typical gecko if that’s all they’re being fed. It can lead to obesity, fatty liver disease, and if the pinky if old enough the gecko can get the bones lodged in their tract. Most geckos eat crickets and other small invertebrates like mealworms, superworms (usually for adults) or the pricier silkworms and roaches. Geckos do better eating live bugs, because they prefer hunting their food. And it’s pretty easy to keep a few cricket or mealworms in a container.

The most common pet gecko on the market is the Leopard gecko. Feel free to do a google search and see if that’s what your friend has. Otherwise, a photo would be easier to tell the species.

08/03/13  12:24pm

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