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 Help picking reptiles

hi i was wondering if i could keep some giant day geckos and some rough green snakes amd a few green tree frogs in the same enclousre
help please

05/17/13  11:54pm


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  Message To: Slopecycle   In reference to Message Id: 2297449

 Help picking reptiles

No you cannot. General rule of thumb in herpetology, is NO MIXING SPECIES. Amphibians like frogs carry toxins harmful to the other animals, and its just a disaster.

If you want to be a responsible humane pet owner, please keep animals in their respective enclosures.
Not to mention, all the animals listed come from different parts of the planet and require different habitats.

Not only to mention, it would be hard to keep track of what animal has eaten, and if an animal gets sick it could easily spread to the others, plus it would be hard to find out which animal is sick in the first place.
Again, different species have different parasite loads that are ok for that particular animal, but possibly fatal to others. These parasites are introduced in fecal matter, which there would be a lot of in one enclosure.

If you are trying to replicate an ecosystem, there isn’t a way to do it unless you have a whole room for these animals. They do well together in the wild because they work over each other, and have lots of space, not stuck within a few feet of each other in a box. It is a bad idea, and only spells death and trouble.

If these are your first reptiles/ amphibians, I would start small.
Get a beardie or leo they are awesome starter reps and have lots of personality and color.
If you want to mimic a habitat safely, research the needs of the animal and be sure you can meet or exceed these expectations.
You can add live plants, and caves and little rock walls to go all out if you really wanted, but you can keep it simple to.

Main point, keep animals to themselves. They will be FAR happier, and you wont end up with dead pets and high vet bills for the possible survivors.
I wish you the best of luck, and hope you heed my warning.


05/18/13  12:29pm

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