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 Day Gecko Tail Drop

Hi. I have a large and healthy Madagascar Day Gecko. When I acquired him, on the trip home from the pet shop, he burst from his cage and crawled into my car’s dash! I got him out the next day, but he dropped his tail.

He successfully grew a new one, but I had another escape incident last night, while cleaning his cage he jumped on my arm then ran up the wall. It was crazy catching him but when I finally did, he dropped his tail and gave me a nasty bite on my thumb.

I was just curious if he will be able to regenerate more than once? Anyone know? I feel bad for my little guy.

Thanks for looking

01/21/13  10:09pm


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  Message To: Billyboy1138   In reference to Message Id: 2290183

 Day Gecko Tail Drop

Geckos can regenerate their tails repeatedly. It will look ugly at first, and discolored compared to the original (though I’m sure you already found that one out). There will also be a bulge at where the tail broke off. And the new tail wont have any bones in it.

I tell ya, some geckos can be a pain if they get free. I limit escapes with my golden gecko by being extra paranoid about opening up his tank. He’s a smart one, though. He knows my arm keeps the lid open, and will purposefully latch onto it and run up it if I’m not careful.

There are some good ways to catch a wilder gecko. Gloves for the bitier ones. A small towel will work, as will ushering the gecko into a box. The gecko will do its best to move away from your hand, so it makes herding the gecko easier once you figure it out. They also only have a short span of energy, and will run-break-run-break. Another tip is that day geckos love those little fruit packets you find at restaurants. Can use it to lure the gecko if all else fails.

01/22/13  02:41am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2290192

 Day Gecko Tail Drop

Thanks for all your advice. Im glad that his tail will repeatedly grow. After the first tail drop it grew back pretty quickly and looked wonderful, like the original tail.

I usually use gloves or towels with my tokay and my day gecko has been skittish so he usually runs away when I open the lid. This time I opened it he sat on the edge of the tank so I raised my hand up to scare him, but instead he jumped on my hand, ran up my arm and jumped off my shoulder. LOL, it caught me off guard.

Thanks again for your reply!

01/22/13  11:03am

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