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From what I’ve read and heard, just about everyone says there are very few true vorax geckos in the states... Is this true? Could an experienced keeper answer this for me, and maybe describe the difference between the marginata and commonly mistaken vorax. I may have acquired one and id like to know for certain. Thanks in advance.
- Fellows

11/13/12  09:47pm


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Apologies for taking so long to reply. It’s been a busy fall.

The vorax gecko, more commonly known as the Halmahera, is indeed rare in the US. They are one of the largest, if not the largest, species sub-sect of geckos in the world and originate from Indonesia, and are less angry about the world than other species of larger geckos out there. There are indeed very few breeders or true Halmahera in the US, so for someone to say they’re easy to keep could be a misnomer. If they were so easy to keep, then you’d likely see many more of them (like the crested gecko explosion after a small pocket of them were rescued from extinction two to three decades back). That’s my own personal view on the matter, though.

At this state, you’re more likely to find geckos called Vorax, but end up being another species entirely, all because the breeder wants to make a fine buck on it. That goes for vice versa. I heard someone call a Vorax gecko a banana gecko before, but that’s also the nickname for the Golden gecko.

Anyway, I can’t answer your other question, so you’re plumb out of luck there. But I do know there are several species of Vorax out there. So... You never know? But I can tell you up front that if you paid, like, 10 bucks for it, it’s very likely not what you think it is.

11/29/12  09:31pm

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