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Rjw0928   KrazyKelli  

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I want to know if I could give a gecko a bath. F.Y.I (the certen gecko I want is going to get up to 6 inches. Not sure so please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09/04/12  08:18pm


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What species of gecko?

... And no. Geckos don’t do baths. Sometimes, like in an emergency impaction situation, a leopard gecko may need a ’warm soak’, but that isn’t a daily thing and normal healthy leopard geckos with good husbandry don’t get impaction. Geckos are typically clean creatures on their own with no smell outside of what you put in them and what comes out of them. I don’t know of a gecko that knows how to swim. I know it’s hazardous to put a large water source in gecko tanks as if the gecko falls in, they could drown.

09/04/12  09:23pm

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